Chewing Gum – It’s Good for You

If someone were to tell you that chewing gum was good for the health of your teeth, what would say? If you immediately think it’s not, you’re in the majority. The truth is, though, that chewing gum is actually great for your oral health. It’s not going to replace brushing, flossing, or mouthwash, but it’ll… Read more »

Diet and Teeth Health

Did you know that your diet has a direct effect on the health of your teeth? In fact, your diet’s reach goes beyond just affecting how healthy your teeth are. It also impacts how healthy the rest of your mouth is, and that impacts your body in just as large a way, or arguably even… Read more »

Dealing With Tooth Discoloration Due to Trauma

You probably know that your teeth can suffer from a number of injuries—but did you know that your pearly whites could change color after you suffer trauma? While you may think teeth whitening could be enough to correct this problem, it actually isn’t. Fortunately, there are many things you could do after you suffer trauma… Read more »

How to Brush a Child’s Teeth

Did you know your child’s smile needs cleaning just like yours does? Well, it’s true! Your child’s teeth need to be scrubbed every day, whether it’s by you or by your spouse/partner. If you’re interested in how to clean your child’s smile in , , our dental team is happy to help you! All you… Read more »

Fixing Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

Fixing damaged teeth with dental crowns is so easy it can be done in the space of a single visit. A dental crown is a custom-made tooth covering that is used to support a tooth or to restore a tooth’s size and appearance. Crown construction usually takes one to two weeks, but our CEREC® same-day… Read more »

Your Teeth: How Medication Can Affect Their Health

Do you make a habit of brushing and flossing your teeth? Have you incorporated mouthwash into your oral hygiene routine? Even if you care for your teeth well, do you ever wonder if there could be other things you might consider doing? For instance, did you know that you may need to consider telling our… Read more »

Enjoy These Healthy Smile Tips for a Great Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, don’t let the culinary excess harm your healthy smile! You can make some healthy choices that will allow you to enjoy Autumn’s goodness while protecting the smile you work hard to achieve. At in , , and our team are happy to share some tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays healthfully. –First, look for… Read more »

Insights on Whitening your Smile

Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures people undergo when visiting Dr. for cosmetic dentistry purposes. While the whitening process at our office here in , is effective, you can do more to keep your smile shining if you identify the root causes of discoloration on your teeth. Certain foods like chocolate, tomato… Read more »

Ensure Your Family’s Healthy Smile This October

October is many things; Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness month, National Dental Hygiene (NDYM) month, and National Orthodontic Health month! At our dental practice in , , Dr. and our team want to wish our patients a happy fall season while taking care of their smile health. NDYM’s message is known as “Do The Daily 4”…. Read more »

Get Your Holiday Smile Ready with KöR Whitening

Is your smile ready for the upcoming holiday season? While you already likely know that periodic professional dental cleanings and checkups keep your smile healthy, you can go the extra mile with your smile by incorporating the KöR® Whitening – Deep Bleaching™ System which dissolves stains and discoloration on your pearly whites. At the dental… Read more »