A dental crown is a custom-made tooth covering that is used to support a tooth or to restore a tooth’s size and appearance. Crown construction usually takes one to two weeks, but with the use of CEREC® same-day restoration technology, our dentist can make and place a crown in one visit. A crown can protect a weak tooth from breaking or hold together a tooth that is already broken. Dental crowns can also restore very worn down teeth or support teeth with large fillings. If our dentist places a dental bridge in your smile, dental crowns are used to anchor it in place. A crown can cover and conceal an unsightly, misshapen, or stained tooth. Crowns are very versatile and can be used to correct a number of dental issues, both restorative and cosmetic.

Dental crowns can also be useful for children’s primary teeth. In children, a crown can save a tooth that is too badly damaged to support a filling. If a child has a high risk of tooth decay or if a child has a hard time keeping up with oral hygiene, a dental crown may be used to protect the tooth. To learn if a dental crown in Leawood, Kansas, is right for you and your family, contact Dr. Robert P. Sherman’s dental office today!