Occlusal interference is the conflict between the teeth and jaw joints. This disease has symptoms that are commonly confused with migraine, tension, cluster, and stress headaches and can easily be treated by our dentist. Symptoms of occlusal interference include:

  • Head, neck, facial, or jaw pain
  • Tension, stress, sinus, or migraine headaches
  • Popping sounds in the jaw
  • The need to take headache pain medications repeatedly

If you have occlusal interference, Dr. Robert P. Sherman may recommend the use of Best-Bite™ in Leawood, Kansas. The Best-Bite Discluder diagnoses and treats occlusal interference. The Discluder can determine if your headache is related to bite issues in 15 minutes. Use at home will prevent pain while treatment options are planned by our dentist.

To relieve headache pain, use the Best-Bite Discluder immediately after head, neck, or facial pain begins. Put the strap over your head, put the Best-Bite in your mouth, and tap the device gently with your teeth about 10 to 12 times per minute. When you do this, the Best-Bite device guides your jaw to the proper position so the muscles can relax, relieving head, neck, and facial pain.

To find out if the Best-Bite Discluder is right for you and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, contact our dental office today!