The pulp of a tooth is the soft area where the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue are located. When the pulp becomes damaged or infected, Dr. Robert P. Sherman may perform a root canal in Leawood, Kansas. Root canal therapy is a process in which the infected pulp and nerve are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and filled. While this treatment has a reputation of being painful, a root canal is actually no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed.

You may wonder why infected pulp needs to be removed. When the pulp in your tooth is damaged, bacteria form and multiply in the pulp chamber. If the pulp is not removed, the tooth may become abscessed and the infection may spread. This causes a pus-filled pocket to form at the end of a tooth’s root. Drainage problems may extend from the root and a hole can form through the side of the tooth, releasing fluid into the gums or into the gums and skin. Infection may cause bone loss around the tip of your tooth root. If left untreated, infected dental pulp can also cause swelling in the gums that may spread to the face, neck, or head. To avoid these problems, our dentist will recommend root canal therapy. This can help to restore the health of the tooth and keep your smile healthy and free from pain. Please feel free to contact our dental office today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our dentist!