Dental surgeries include, among other things, tooth extraction, dental implant placement, and treatment for issues like impacted teeth and tooth loss. When you have had oral surgery, there are many practices that will help you recover more quickly and with less discomfort. If you have an operation, Dr. Robert P. Sherman will give post-op instructions in Leawood, Kansas.

After having oral surgery, gently bite on gauze pads, changing them as needed. To reduce your pain, take painkillers as our dentist prescribes. Take care not to bite your lip, tongue, or the inside of your cheek while your mouth is numb. Do not lie flat after having oral surgery, as this can prolong bleeding. Instead, prop your head up with pillows. Use an ice pack as needed for the first 24 hours after surgery. This will reduce swelling. Be sure to relax after surgery, as physical activity can increase your bleeding. Eat soft foods like jell-o, pudding, and yogurt. As the healing process goes on, gradually add more solid foods. Do not drink from a straw for the first several days after surgery, as this can loosen the blood clot in the surgery area and cause dry socket. Be careful to avoid the surgery site when you brush and take care not to rub or prod it with your tongue or fingers.

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