When a patient’s smile is crowded or has spacing issues, Dr. Robert P. Sherman may recommend Invisalign® in Leawood, Kansas. Invisalign consists of tight-fitting aligners that are worn over the teeth to gently guide them into their ideal positions. A series of custom-made aligners are made for your use over the treatment period. Each one is worn for several weeks. Each new aligner continues the teeth’s movement towards the desired position.

Invisalign is not for everyone. Since they are tight fitting, they work best for adults and teens. Children’s teeth are still growing, so our dentist must use other treatments to straighten their smiles. Aligners work best on those who have mild or moderately crowded or crooked teeth, or whose spacing issues are minor. You may need more involved treatment if you have severe spacing or crowding issues. Also, if you have a severe underbite, overbite, or crossbite, aligners may not be for you.

The advantages of Invisalign go beyond having a straight, beautiful smile. Having straight teeth helps protect your long-term oral health. This is because your teeth are easier to clean and maintain if there are no hard-to-reach places caused by crowding. For more information and to schedule a consultation, please contact our dental office today. You can also learn more by visiting the Invisalign website.