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The thin but durable layer of tooth enamel on your teeth makes them one of the strongest substances in your body. In fact, there are no harder tissues in your body than the translucent, mineralized substance that is tooth enamel. However, your teeth are still vulnerable to dangers such as decay and injury. If a tooth becomes too deeply affected, root canal treatment may be the best option to preserve the life of the tooth.

Our team at Robert P. Sherman recommends that you protect your smile against tooth decay and injury by brushing and flossing daily and diligently, along with visiting your dentist for regular professional dental cleanings to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and strong. If you play contact sports, you would do well to wear an athletic mouthguard to cushion your teeth against a hard blow or fall.

During a dental exam, Dr. Robert P. Sherman will notify you if you might need root canal treatment to preserve a tooth that has been severely injured or decayed. Dental infection can develop for many reasons, such as when a cavity becomes too deep, or a fracture or crack exposes the inner tooth to bacteria. You see, below the tooth enamel–which is the tough exterior of the tooth–are the inner layers, which comprise of the dentin and the tooth pulp. Inside of the pulp is the connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves of the tooth.

Dental infection that is left untreated will progress until it results in the death of the pulp, which causes the loss of bone and the total loss of the tooth. To prevent tooth loss, our team can provide root canal treatment in Leawood, Kansas. If you have any questions or suspect there may be a problem with a tooth, call 913-685-2171 and schedule an appointment with our doctor today.