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Partial dentures are custom-made, removable, and reliable appliances that replace your missing teeth, improve your speech, and give you the ability to eat once again. With the help of a partial denture, you will have a normal life in no time.

Partial dentures are made with a pink, gum-like base and they hold pearly white, false teeth at the top or bottom. This appliance is simply placed into the mouth and clasped to the remaining teeth that lie on both sides of the gap in your smile. The partial should fit perfectly into your mouth because your dentist will make one custom for your smile.

Here are some things you can expect while wearing a partial denture:

· It may feel a bit awkward when you first wear it in the beginning. It may also feel bulky. This is completely normal. However, with some practice, it will feel natural in no time.

· You might also need to practice inserting and removing the denture because it may be a bit difficult to do so in the beginning.

· Your dentist will give you the specific instructions you need to take full advantage of the denture. Dr. Robert P. Sherman will tell you how to care for the denture and he will also inform you on when, where, and how long to wear the denture. Your dentist will also ask you not to bite down on the appliance when you are placing it into your smile.

· You may need to practice eating when you first start wearing the denture. You can practice by eating small, soft foods and gradually moving up to large, solid foods once you become more familiar with the appliance.

· Talking might also be difficult, but this is completely normal. With some practice, you will be on the right track in no time. To help the process along, please feel free to read out loud and repeat difficult words so your tongue can become used to the denture.

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