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Although medications are highly effective for treating ailments within your body or recovering from procedures, there are times when the side effects can lead to or worsen existing symptoms. Within Dentistry, medications may give rise to symptoms capable of increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Have you ever heard of dry mouth? Dry mouth often occurs as a side effect of medications. Dry mouth is an oral health condition that arises due to a decrease in saliva. Saliva is a natural product within your mouth that is beneficial for washing away bacteria and food debris and neutralizing harmful acids that seek to destroy your tooth enamel. Without less saliva due to dry mouth, your oral health risks increase dramatically.

After you make sure that the products you’re taking will be safe and effective, be aware of how to achieve an obtain the necessary substances. If you choose to buy products at a store or over the counter, speak with your dentist to ensure they will work correctly for you, and to discover any guidelines or instructions your dentist can provide. Furthermore, for advanced medications, your dentist can prescribe prescriptions to you as needed.

Treat medications as you do all items that enter your mouth, and exercise caution when using them. If you would like to have your teeth and gums inspected by our team at Robert P. Sherman, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert P. Sherman and our team at our dentist office. To schedule a visit with our dentist in Leawood, Kansas, please call us at 913-685-2171. Visit us today, and your smile will thank you!