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Did you know that poor oral health has been linked to heart attacks, diabetes, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and even premature birth? With serious conditions like these at stake, it becomes obvious why your dentist urges you to maintain positive healthy habits for your oral health.

Keeping up with daily oral habits such as brushing and flossing does not guarantee that you will never have a cavity or a toothache. However, it does dramatically reduce the chances of having oral issues. Keeping up with your dentist at least twice a year is a sure way to prevent any cavities or gum disease from reaching a sever condition. It is far easier on your smile to have a dentist correct a small cavity, than to wait until the cavity becomes sever and cause extreme pain and damage, including potential tooth loss.

With all the delicious aromas that fill this Thanksgiving season, remember to keep up with your oral care, so you can avoid any oral disasters this holiday season.

If you have any questions pertaining to your oral health, please contact your dentist. Your dentist can assist you with questions or concerns you have about your oral care. So, call us today at 913-685-2171 and schedule an appointment. Let us give you a smile you can truly be thankful for.