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Gum disease is one of the worst health problems currently affecting adults on a wide scale, largely due to the fact that it’s so easy to prevent. It’s a result of people disregarding their gum health which leads to inviting gum disease right into your life.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the reasons Dr. Robert P. Sherman here at Robert P. Sherman in Leawood, Kansas, offers as to why you should keep gum health in mind.

Stop tooth decay

The obvious big effect of gum disease is the decay which destroys your teeth as a direct result of bacteria building up along your gum line. This type of decay ranges from smaller cavities to receding gums, exposed roots, and even tooth death if you can’t treat it quickly enough.

Tooth loss
Now, the direct result of tooth decay is losing your teeth. That’s what happens when you let your gum disease progress to the point where your tooth decay is noticeable. Since gum disease eats away at your gum line, the bacteria that cause the disease can now access the sensitive roots of your teeth, making the possibility of infections running rampant that much more likely.

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